Web platform iEMOWAF provides graphical tools for data extraction and visualization. The system issued to the end-users a friendly interface and dialog mode and provide data access through two types of queries:

  • spatial, that relate to display information about the signs in data layers (select - pixel, feature, freehand, square);
  • attribute, which relate to the attributes of these queries.

The Web-based system iEMOWAF will provide the following functionalities:

  • Opportunity to navigate on the map (Pan), change the map scale (Zoom);
  • Return the previous or next Extend, initial Extend;
  • Possibility of switch on / off layers and basemap;
  • Possibility to display the current scale and the current position (coordinates);
  • Opportunity to identify the object. In an additional panel will display detailed attribute information for the selected object;
  • Possibility to search by various criteria;
  • Possibility of obtaining various electronic verification (reports).



* According to the project plan the Geo Portal (iEMOWAF) will be built in the second half of 2017.