The project „ЕO Monitoring for better Water Management and Flood Prevention in BG” (EMOWAF) establishes EO based water quality services to support Bulgarian water authorities responsible for inland water quality in lakes were developed and implementation of Water Frame Directive (WFD) of EU. EMOWAF develops new downstream service-line based on Web-based geo-information system for provision of Earth Observation data (satellite and airborne), integrated with in-situ data for water quality monitoring as additional tools to the National System for Environmental Monitoring – Water Monitoring Subsystem (NSEM-WMSs) of Bulgaria.

Specific objectives

The specific objectives are:

  • Ingesting large quantities of satellite observation data and processing into higher level products 
  • Developing additional airborne hyperspectral data-mining (AHySpD) of the test areas/lakes and to make comparison with S2/S3 data
  • Adaptation of water quality algorithms to S2/S3-OLCI and AHySpD data for the selected areas of interest
  • Research and analysis of additional physical-chemical elements (organic/nonorganic) and specific pollutants.
  • Validation of the Earth Observation (EO) based results
  • Developing data-mining and other tools to work with the data
  • Developing a Web-based prototype system for an end-user (iEMOWAF), which will integrate EO measurements with in-situ data and provide graphical tools for data extraction and visualization.