In order to collect, process and analyze large volumes of data (satellite, airborne and in-situ) a complex system is required. The objective of WP2 is to research and analyze user requirements, business opportunity and to define work flow of main services elements. Evaluation of existing methods and algorithms (third party software plug-in) for retrieval of water quality parameters from EO data will be conducted with cost-price analysis and assessment of potential opportunity for own products development.

To avoid duplication and save resources a prototype of this system will be build on a thorough insight of user requirements and on a palette of existing systems and components  and  to guarantee interoperability with new data set of S2/S3 constellation. Attention will be given to data formats based on the interoperability with INSPIRE metadata formats, as well as those imposed by ESA/Copernicus Downstream Services. By defining and implementing simple user-friendly Web interface, the system will have a distributive nature allowing separate customers (basing directorates ) to connect different  processing software to use the system with various data set.